Monday, March 16, 2009

How to use a URL parameter to filter a Data View Web part in FrontPage 2003

This works for MOSS as well...

Insert a Data View

To add a Data View to your Web, page follow these steps:

1.Click the position on the page where you want your Data view to reside.
2.On the Data menu, click Insert Data View.
3.Click the data source that you want to use for your view.
4.Click Insert Data View.

Modify the parameter binding location

To modify the Data View to accept data from a URL, follow these steps:

1.Open the page in FrontPage 2003.
2.At the bottom of the edit window, click Code.
3.On the Edit menu, click Find.
4.In the Find What box, type ParameterBinding Name="filterParam", and then click Find Next.
5.Find the Location attribute in this line.
6.Replace the current Location attribute value with the following: "Postback;Connection;QueryString(Param)" Where Param is the parameter in the URL query string that you want to pass to the Data View filter (i.e. default.aspx?Param=MyValue).
7.At the bottom of the edit window, click Design.
8.Add a filter to the Data View. To do so, follow these steps
a. On the Data menu, click Filter.
b. Click Click here to add a new clause.
c. Select the Field Name that you want to filter on.
d. For the Value to compare against, click [Input Parameter].
9.Save the Web page.

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  1. Hi,

    It worked out for setting up one parameter:) Is there anyway to use two or multiple parameters, though?


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